Puppy Care

Puppy Care


A new puppy can add a ton of joy to your life but they do come with a lot of responsibility. At Doggie Dude Ranch, we can help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy dog with our puppy care services. We offer pet exams, vaccines, and other kinds of care for puppies at our animal hospital. You can call (515) 382-1444 to schedule your puppy’s first visit with a “veterinarian near me” in Ames, IA.

Puppy care

Importance of Puppy Care

Puppies need to eat the right kind and amounts of food to grow and develop. They might need vaccines and boosters to keep them safe from potentially serious illnesses. At Doggie Dude Ranch, our puppy care services address these needs and more. Our vet can examine your puppy and ensure that he is growing into a healthy adult dog.

Types of Puppy Care Services

At Doggie Dude Ranch, our services for puppies include pet exams to check how your puppy is growing and developing. Our vet will look for any signs of possible health issues so we can address those as soon as possible. We also offer vaccines and boosters for puppies. We offer other services to keep your puppy healthy, such as flea and tick prevention, parasite prevention, and guidance on nutrition and behavior.

What to Expect during Puppy Care Visits

When you bring your puppy to us for an exam, our vet will thoroughly check for signs of abnormalities, parasites, and other problems that can affect their health. During your visit, we encourage you to bring up any issues or concerns you have about your puppy. We can also provide guidance on feeding your puppy. In fact, our vet may ask questions about your puppy’s overall health, appetite, and behavior. We can recommend the right type of food for your puppy and let you know how much to give him.

Once your puppy is old enough for vaccines, we’ll give you a schedule to follow. Our vet team can also provide you with information and recommendations on ways to keep your puppy safe from heartworm, ticks, fleas, and other parasites.

Get Vet Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If your puppy needs an exam, vaccinations, or other services, contact us at Doggie Dude Ranch at (515) 382-1444 for an appointment with our vet in Ames, IA. Call us for pet care from a “veterinarian near me” at our animal hospital.



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