Preventative Care

Preventative pet care helps keep your pet in good health throughout its lifetime. Through preventative care, our Ames veterinarian can spot health problems early to keep them from escalating into major issues. Your vet can also help prevent health problems by recommending changes in your pet’s diet or lifestyle. At Doggie Dude Ranch, we offer a wide range of preventative care services to enhance the health and happiness of your beloved dog or cat.

Preventative Care

Benefits of Preventative Care

Preventative care consists of routine veterinary services that can help enhance your pet’s health over the years. Through routine vet care, your dog or cat can look forward to a healthier life. At Doggie Dude Ranch, our preventative care services include:

Wellness Exams – All pets can benefit from annual wellness exams. These exams give our Ames veterinarian a chance to keep track of your dog or cat’s health. Irregularities in your pet’s health will show up during a wellness exam so that we can follow up with lab work, x-rays, or ultrasound to diagnose health issues. Early detection and diagnosis of health problems will enable your pet to get immediate treatment to increase the chances of a full recovery.

Vaccinations – Vaccinations protect your pet from contagious diseases that have no cure but can be prevented through vaccines. Outdoor pets are more susceptible to disease due to greater exposure to other animals and infected environments. However, all pets should have core vaccinations to keep them safe from deadly diseases like distemper, rabies, and others. Our Ames vet can recommend the vaccines best suited for your pet and personalize a vaccination schedule to meet its health care needs.

Parasite Control – Fleas, ticks, and heartworm are common parasites that can irritate your dog or cat and threaten its health. Parasite prevention and control are important parts of preventative care. We offer oral and topical medication for these parasites to keep your pet parasite-free year-round.

Pet Dental Care – Your pet’s oral health is equally as important as its overall health. Poor oral care puts your pet at risk of developing painful dental problems like periodontal disease that can lead to tooth loss. That’s why we recommend scheduling annual dental exams and cleanings for your pet to help keep its gums and teeth in optimal health.   

Additional Preventative Services – Your pet can benefit from other preventative care services at Doggie Dude Ranch, including spay and neuter surgery, dermatology services, allergy control, grooming, and nutritional and behavioral counseling.

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