Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations

The Importance of Vaccines

Vaccines help your pet build immunity against several dangerous and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Vaccines inject a tiny amount of specific inactive viruses to teach your pet’s immune system how to recognize and fight them. Doing this can save your pet’s life if it encounters the disease. Most pet boarding facilities, daycares, and groomers also require your pet to have certain vaccines to use their services.

What Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Pet vaccinations are split into core and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are deemed necessary for all pets, while non-core vaccines may only be recommended based on your pet’s environment and lifestyle. For example, your veterinarian may suggest vaccinating your dog against Lyme disease if you live in a wooded area. Many boarding facilities, daycares, and groomers also require the Bordetella vaccine.

Core vaccines for dogs include distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies, while common non-core vaccines include Lyme disease, leptospirosis, and Bordetella. Core vaccines for cats are rabies, panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, and feline herpesvirus. Non-core cat vaccines include chlamydia and Bordetella.

When Should My Pet Be Vaccinated?

The recommended vaccination schedule for your pet can vary based on breed, lifestyle, and potential risk factors. Generally, your veterinarian will recommend puppies and kittens begin their vaccination schedule between six and eight weeks old. Your veterinarian will administer boosters every three weeks until your puppy or kitten reaches 16 weeks old. After that, your veterinarian will arrange an annual schedule to keep your pet’s vaccines up-to-date.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Vaccines?

Most pets experience mild or no side effects after receiving a vaccine. Some pets may have a slight fever, swelling around the injection site, lethargy, and reduced appetite. However, these symptoms should resolve within 24 hours. Contact your local animal hospital immediately if you notice your pet behaving unusually. They can determine the cause of your pet’s behavior and provide prompt treatment to help it feel like itself again.

Visit Your Local Animal Hospital in Ames, IA, to Vaccinate Your Pet Today

Vaccinating your pet is one of the most responsible decisions you can make for your pet’s future health and well-being, so contact Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames, IA, to schedule your pet’s vaccinations today. Call us and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at (515) 382-1444 to learn more about vaccines and how they can help your pet.

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