Cat Vaccinations

Cat Vaccinations

Cats are curious, playful, and provide us unconditional love. As pet owners, we always want to ensure that they are staying happy and healthy. Cats, like any other pet, are susceptible to many diseases, which are preventable with vaccinations. At Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames, IA, we offer vaccines for felines and other preventive care treatments. Learn more about the importance of vaccination below: 

Cat Vaccination

How Cats Become Exposed to Disease

One of the most common ways cats get exposed to disease is if they come into contact with other infected felines. Diseases like rabies and distemper can spread easily with minimal contact. These diseases are often incurable and can be fatal if contracted. To prevent your cat from deadly diseases, it is essential to have them vaccinated regularly.

How Vaccines Work

Our veterinarian will use an injection administer the vaccine. The vaccine has a minimal amount of the disease that naturally and safely enters your cat's immune system. Your cat will be able to identify the disease and build immunity against it. If your feline comes in contact with a disease, they will have antibodies that are prepared to attack it and prevent them from getting sick.

What Vaccines Are Needed for My Cat?

Our veterinarian can determine which vaccines are best for your cat's breed and lifestyle. Common vaccines for cats include rabies, FVR, FP, and FCV. Kittens will normally start receiving vaccines between six and eight weeks of age. After that, they will need boosters every four weeks until they are about 20 weeks old. Older cats without a vaccination history are best treated as unvaccinated.

After Receiving a Vaccine

It's normal for your cat not to feel well after a vaccine. They may feel sore in the injection sport or have other symptoms, such as a fever. It's important to not stop your cat's vaccine schedule even if they don't feel well after. Our team will always help you monitor your cat after a vaccine and you can always schedule an appointment with us if you are concerned.

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If you need veterinary care, Doggie Dude Ranch, in Ames, IA, is here to help. Our animal hospital that offers comprehensive care for cats, which includes routine checkups, vaccines, and surgery. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (515) 382-1444 today. We look forward to improving your cat’s health!

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