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We provide more than any other veterinary practice at the Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames, IA. We have clean and comfortable pet boarding facilities, top-notch veterinary care, and puppies for sale.

In addition, we can provide quality care for cats and dogs of all ages. Read on to learn more about our services at Doggie Dude Ranch.  


Unlike most animal hospitals, we have puppies for sale. We have multiple lab puppies and australian shepherd puppies available. All of our puppies have had their genetic backgrounds tested to ensure they will not suffer any hereditary diseases common for these breeds.


We also have a boarding facility available for dogs. We board our dogs in large kennels, giving them plenty of space to move around. In contrast, many pet care facilities keep their dogs in small cages and only let them out for quick bathroom breaks.

It is also essential to remember that we are highly trained and experienced veterinarians. We can take care of any medical issue when your pet is with us. Most pet care facilities do not have a veterinarian on-site. However, this means pets may not get the care they need.

Veterinary Care at Our Animal Hospital

We provide a wide range of veterinary preventative care services at our practice, including wellness exams. These exams enable us to prevent your pet from developing many severe conditions.

We can also help pets with allergies. We can run tests to determine what your pet is allergic to. We can also prescribe medications to reduce the severity of the reaction.

Our team is also capable of treating pets with arthritis. We prescribe meds that significantly reduce your pet's discomfort.

Finally, we can even perform surgery at our animal hospital. This surgery may range from simple procedures like spaying and neutering to more complex systems.

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You can contact us at (515) 382-1444 to schedule an appointment if you are interested in our services. We are also happy to answer any questions about our services. So, if you want to know more, call or send us a message through our website. Then, make an appointment at Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames, IA.

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