Pet Allergies

If you're in the Ames, IA, area and your pet is struggling with allergies, you're not alone. Many pets deal with allergies in the spring and summer months, the same way people do. Depending on what your dog or cat is allergic to, an allergy can make warmer months frustrating and uncomfortable for them. In some cases, a severe allergy could also be dangerous. At Doggie Dude Ranch, our veterinarian and team can help improve your pet’s health through pet allergy treatment.

Pet Allergies

What Are the Most Common Pet Allergies?

A lot of pets are allergic to grass, weeds, trees, and flowering plants. The pollen from these natural sources can cause sneezing, wheezing, and allergic skin reactions. Sometimes a pet will also have a food allergy or sensitivity, which could cause digestive upset or another type of allergic reaction in the body. No matter what kind of allergy your pet has, finding out what they're allergic to is the first step toward treatment that can help them feel more comfortable.

Are Pet Allergies Dangerous to Your Cat or Dog?

By working with our veterinarian, you can discover just how much risk your pet has from their allergies. In some cases, allergies are very mild and don't cause any issues. In other cases, they can be life-threatening. But most pets are somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, with allergies that can affect the way they feel, but that isn't putting their lives at risk. Understanding the seriousness of their allergy and how it affects them is important when it comes to treating your pet’s allergies.

How Do Allergy Treatments Help Your Pet?

Allergy treatments can help your pet by making it easier for them to breathe, reducing itchiness and discomfort, and addressing digestive issues. Some treatments may be as simple as switching what kind of food they're eating. There are also allergy shots and other types of medications that can help. Most of these medications reduce histamine reactions or block receptors that trigger allergies. Talking to our veterinarian can help you find the best kind of treatment for your pet's allergies.

Reach Out to a Trusted Veterinarian Today

At Doggie Dude Ranch in Aimes, IA, we want to make sure your pets get the help and support they need, to keep their allergies from taking control of their lives. By reducing your pet’s allergic reactions to pollen, food, or other items, you can give your pet more opportunities to feel well and be healthy. Allergy treatment can also make it easier for your pet to enjoy spending time outside. Call us today at (515) 382-1444 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 

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