We're here to answer your questions

We're here to answer your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What should I bring for my pet? 

A: Mandatory items:  A copy of your pets current vaccination record showing current status for DAPPv and Rabies.  (Bordetella vaccination for kennel cough is highly recommended.) Optional items include: food (if food is provided, please bring it in a plastic container that can get wet, as wash down could potentially get a bag of food wet), bedding, toys or treats. 

Q:  Will my pet get to play with other dogs? 

A:  Dogs will have fence line communication with other dogs, but no actual contact or play time is available. 

Q: Do you do daycare? 

A:  No, but we will watch a dog for a day if needed, but we do not offer daycare on a routine basis.

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