Flea and Tick Prevention

One thing every pet owner must put at the top of his list for pet care is preventative care, which includes flea and tick prevention. In Ames, IA, our veterinarian at Doggie Dude Ranch is trained in how to eliminate these pesky pests. At our animal hospital, we check pets for parasites and then can recommend a plan of action to eliminate the problem and make your cat or dog a happier companion. 

Flea and Tick prevention

Effects of Fleas and Ticks

Tick bites make pets uncomfortable due to itchy and painful skin irritations. Ticks are notorious for biting and feeding on your pet's blood. Because they are attached to your pet, they easily infect the bloodstream by transporting dangerous diseases into your dog, such as Lyme disease  and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Cats, too, can be infected with Lyme Disease.

Fleas are aggravating because they like to bite pets repeatedly, which, if not treated, can lead to significant blood loss that results in anemia. Fleas are also prolific at reproducing. If your pet isn't treated, a few fleas will turn into dozens, all biting and affecting your pet's health negatively. Pets playing host to fleas are prone to chewing on their itchy and irritated skin. Continuous biting and gnawing at the skin increases the chances of swallowing infected fleas, which can lead to other problems. Pets may also suffer from allergic reactions. If your pet is suffering from any of these problems, our vet on our veterinary team is here to help.

Preventing Fleas and Ticks

When scheduling a visit with our veterinarian, you can ask about the different products available and which one is right for your pet. Some flea medications are also combined with heartworm medication, so it is a two-in-one dose to eliminate fleas and prevent heartworms. We can also make it easy to keep your pet parasite-free through non-stressful medications, such as chewable tablets.

Get Preventative Care from Our Vet at Our Animal Hospital

Give us a call at the Doggie Dude Ranch whenever you need pet medical services and when you need help with a flea and/or tick infestation. Our Ames, IA, animal hospital is ready to provide your pet with care you can count on. Call us to request an appointment. Call us at (515) 382-1444 for more information from our veterinarian about our pet care and preventative care services. We are here to help your pet be rid of, and protected from, fleas and ticks.


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