Pregnant Mare Care

At Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames, IA, we have a long history of veterinary service that includes support and boarding for pregnant mares. Proper care for horses during this time involves some key aspects: veterinarian assistance, physical activity, a proper diet, and a good environment.

Pregnant Mare Care

Monitoring the Horse's Pregnancy

For the best pregnancy results, your horse needs regular examination by a veterinarian. During this important time, you should also be on the lookout for signs of discomfort and distress. She will undoubtedly go through some changes in mood and physical ability, but they can also indicate more serious concerns about the pregnancy that will worsen if left unmanaged.

Keeping Active

Pregnancy doesn't mean the mare should be on bed rest. It's even possible to continue riding a pregnant mare, although there is a risk of long-term damage to the mare from excessive motion as the foal grows. Keep her away from anything that's known to startle her.

For most of the pregnancy, you should provide her with room to move about at her own pace. A little nudge can be helpful if she's lethargic, but don't force it.

Feel free to let her interact with other horses that have an amicable temperament. Closer to full term, the horse may begin to keep herself away from others and decline to play, both from tiredness and to protect the foal.

A Diet for the Mare and Foal

If you are uncertain about what to feed your mare, talk with your veterinarian about a proper diet for equine pregnancies. Throughout the pregnancy, the mare's diet will impact both her health and the growth of the foal. In general, you should avoid low-quality feed throughout the entire pregnancy.

The amount of food the mare needs to get the proper amount of nutrition for both quickly increases as the pregnancy progresses. The exact amount will vary with the size, breed, and individual traits of the horse.

Boarding Your Pregnant Mare

You can board your horse at a facility with our on-staff equine veterinarian with us at Doggie Dude Ranch. While in our care, your mare will have a nearby veterinarian and support staff to help her. She will receive a tailored blend and amount of feed for her needs, a safe amount of exercise and socialization, and immediate care after the birth. For busy owners who may not always have someone on hand to provide care, boarding is a great way to facilitate the pregnancy.

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