Itchy Skin & Ear infection

A dog or cat may have recurring problems with itchy skin and ear infections. These symptoms may even occur together, which can signal an allergic reaction to something in the environment or a food component. Your vet can investigate the causes of these symptoms and provide solutions to eliminate these uncomfortable symptoms. At Doggie Dude Ranch in Ames IA, we offer effective treatment of canine itchy skin and ear infection problems. 

Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Causes of Itchy Skin and Constant Scratching

If you see your dog scratching incessantly, it could be because of a flea infestation or other parasites, like mites. The application of a flea and tick control product could help to remedy the problem. Some skin problems are a result of contact with outdoor plants that have toxic components. Other problems can be a result of harsh cleaning products used indoors that lead to skin irritation in pets. Constant scratching can also be caused by allergic reactions to pollen and other substances. Your veterinarian can help you find the cause of the reaction and provide medications to relieve symptoms. 

When Ear Infections Are A Recurring Problem

Ear infections can be painful for dogs and can cause difficulty with hearing commands. The owner may see the dog pawing at the ears, shaking his head, or rubbing the ears on the carpeting. You may notice a discharge from the ears or an odor coming from the ear. The ear skin may be reddened and swollen. Your veterinarian can provide medications to eliminate the infection, so your pet can feel more comfortable. Ear infections that keep coming back may need more investigation to determine if a structural problem or allergy is at the heart of the problem.

Allergies Require Careful Investigation

Chronic skin eruptions and ear infections that occur together can often be caused by allergies. The allergen may be grasses, pollen, molds, and other substances that trigger an allergic reaction in the animal. Blood tests and skin tests can help to pinpoint which allergen is causing the problem. Your vet can then advise you on the best ways to limit contact with the allergen and will also provide medications to reduce symptoms when they occur. 

 Make Doggie Dude Ranch Your Veterinarian in Ames, IA

Dr. Becky and the team at Doggie Dude Ranch use their expertise and experience to ensure the health and well-being of each of the animals in their care. We offer many veterinary services, including vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, parasite prevention, dental care, and boarding. We also care for pregnant mares. Contact Doggie Dude Ranch today at (515) 382-1444 to schedule an appointment to learn about effective treatment for itchy skin and ear infections that trouble your pet.

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