Puppy or Kitten's First Exam

After a long wait, you finally have welcomed a puppy or kitten at your home. While this is an exciting thing, you may have your work cut out because there are several things you may need to do to keep your pet or pets healthy and happy. One of the first things is to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for a routine exam.

But since this is the first time, you may be unsure of what to expect. At Doggie Dude Ranch serving Ames, IA, we are here to offer information beforehand to avoid surprises down the line. Here is what to expect during your first exam for your puppy or kitten.

Physical exam

Before embarking on x-rays and other diagnostic tools, our vet can pick up many things through physical examinations. During a physical exam, our vet checks your pets from head to toe to rule out injuries, parasites, skin conditions, etc. We will watch how your pet walks to see if there are joint problems. Should we discover any concerns, we can devise a treatment plan to restore your pet’s health.

Vital checks

Physical exams aren’t the only thing we do — we also scrutinize your pet’s internals. We want to see if the lungs, heart, and other internal parts are working okay. We also may check your pet’s temperature, weight, breathing rate, and pulse rate to ensure it’s healthy. If necessary, we order conduct lab tests to analyze the blood or fecal matter.


Pets, especially young ones, are susceptible to illnesses because their immunity is still growing. If your pet is due for a vaccine, we can administer the shots in our Ames, IA clinic. Vaccination can boost your pet’s disease-fighting mechanism to fight off future infections.

Spaying and Neutering

While you may not be prepared to spay or neuter your kitten or puppy, we can discuss it. It may be good to “fix” your pet early before their first heat cycle. Sterilizing your pet may yield numerous medical, behavioral, and financial benefits.

Get Puppy or Kitten Care form Our Veterinarian for Your Pets

If you have a puppy or kitten, their first veterinary visit can be crucial in laying a healthy foundation. If you are in Ames, IA, book an appointment with us at Doggie Dude Ranch for routine pet exams.    

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