Australian Shepherd dogs are incredibly popular. They are medium-sized dogs that are known for being ambitious and full of energy. If you have been looking at puppies for sale, this kind of dog may be at the top of your list of considered breeds. Doggie Dude Ranch knows that many Ames dog lovers want to own Australian Shepherds. Before you commit to one of these pets, there are a few things you should know about the breed.

Australian Shepherds Are Ranch Dogs

Australian Shepherds have a history that stems from working on ranches. They are great worker dogs on farms and other outdoor workplaces. These dogs benefit from having access to a lot of places to roam because they are full of energy.

Australian Shepherds Love to Herd

If you have an Aussie at home, do not be surprised if you notice that he or she begins to herd anything in sight. These dogs love to herd other dogs, cats, and even children. If you are able to give your Australian Shepherd a job, like competing, running with you, or looking after children, these dogs thrive.

Australian Shepherds Need Training

In order to make the best use of your dog's socialization energy, obedience training is necessary for these dogs. This will help you channel your dog's energy correctly and avoid destructive behaviors. Australian Shepherds are smart, but they need to know how to make good use of their skills.

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Doggie Dude Ranch understands that you may be looking for puppies for sale. Our Ames location offers a variety of puppies to choose from, including Australian Shepherds. Call us today to learn more about the puppies available.

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